Daleep Chander Takes Cash without receipt

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Daleep Chander takes Cash from clients mentioning Backside of the bill and that cash not enter in our Office Records, That cash will go through his hand and profit lies in his pocket like this he had done so many business and purchased a Flat Cheating Trawellday and clients.This customer is contacting us for Bill for Reimbursement from the company...But this money is not received in our office.


If any clients have similar Complaints pls inform us @ info@trawellday.in



Full Story of Dallep Chander

In 2013 When we opened our office in Delhi we found him as a waiter in a Hotel where i stayed in Delhi.The Supervisor requested to give a Job and we apointed him in Delhi Office to assist our Manager,In few months he fake Recruited him to IBM and taken money from him ,He took control of our office as we rarely visit Delhi office,

6 Months before we found him cheating our company that we checked and he put resignation and Knowing that he cheated lot of money we did't checked the accounts and allowed him to go on April 25th,

We put knew staff they will stay only for two days Dallep will call him and say this company have lot of debits and it will come on your head then they will be afraid and left Job,The next satff Mr Rahul was threaten that he will not reach home if he is not co opreated with him giving him our operating software and Gmail password,This is to convert our Business to his office because that software contains all contact detail of Trawellday Pan India clients.

Daleep and his Gang opened office 6 Months ago and already converting our Business and he brought a Flat of 30 Lakhs and another 5 Lakhs for Top floor Rights.In 2 Year 9 Months with a average salery of 15k no body can invest 35 lakhs and his family background also is not so Good.

Daleep was telling to our staff that Mr Thomas is from kerala he cannot come here we are here and we must co operate each other and this company will not work without me after clossing this company i will give you Good Job in our Company.

He takes our clients to Bipasha holidays saying that both company is same and even watchman in the Bulding told our mumbai Manager to go to Bipasha, He don't know him ...he thought he is a customer....

He threatens our Satff and interfere our Business we thought to cross check our accounts and found somany fraud details and on 4 th May we asked him to come to our office to verify the accounts,Before that he paid cash to police and given written complaint in Rajinder Nagar Police Station, When we asked about the missing cash he attacked the proprietor of Trawellday With Hard Weapons with help of Local Rowdy Suresh and his friends,His Photo is posted in this website ..he wearing a Blue cap.He is staff of Bipsaha holidays Now Aone India Travels, Partners are Daleep Chander ,Pankaj Singh & Pawan Kumar Singh.


The Proprietor of Trawellday escaped the attack with help of his staff and had severe injuries in his hand,Dallep was planed to Murder the proprietor and close the company.Then he called Police and they raided our office and taken our mobile and Proprietor laptop,He was telling to Police that all Secrets are in that laptop,

Police already taken money from this frauds ( Click Here ) and was telling that we will close your company.give your Email / Computer Password,We told them we will give all passwords you can do what ever you want..they are asking you don't have wife or Children,We are not doing any illegal thinks that this frauds cannot do any thing to us,

The Police don't have recieved any complaint about our services,then how they taken our laptop and mobile phones we don't know,Police is playing hearing this fraud's comand taking money from them,We have CCTV Recordings of Police perfomance in our office.

This Gang is doing illegal visa's charging upto 5 Lakhs from client,We have their emails mentioning this type illegal visa they are doing,They have 2 to 3 offices in diffrent names in Delhi Karol Bagh,They are doing all type illegal visa's and they want CBI and police to raid our office.Police starightly told that if money is there we will close our eyes to this type frauds and they will come upon innocent people.One Time Daleep called me and told me that a Beat officer came to our office and asked to give 1500 rs monthly but we told we will not give....Maybe they are collecting from other offices....This things must be pointed out to cheif Minister or Prime Minister.

But there is a diffrence in this story...There was Almighty God With us that this frauds and police don't know,We challenge them to do what ever they want to do but they failed .....They told Dallep to write a letter to police that this case is amicably resolved and they send us out, Later i got a threatning email from daleep ( Click Here ) But in the evening they called for a meeting and made apology and given letter that is witness by his partners,That time we agreed to stop fighting and warned them not to do anything against our company and our staff,

But Dallep want more...He again gone to police and given cash and they again called us and threaten us,That is why all this matters are published,

Now also he is threatning us that he have people in Ministry that he will put complaint against us,Before he was threatning us saying " I will take you with SBI " Police will raid you...He will call Income tax then Service Tax,....He gone mad !!!!!

Daleep lacks Education that is why this happens,He want to become Rich..but we advice him to do Hard Work and earn and become Rich...not by Cheating others,If he continious to distrub us we will publish this matter in all News pappers in Delhi.

My God Teaches me to Love the anemy and we forgived him But he again comming and distrubing us we will be forced to take legal action against him that will close his chapter.We advise him to do his business and live his way.


We don't have faith in Delhi Police That is why we are not made any complaint to them, Since Proprietor Wife got a Threatening mail that Daleep will send his people to kill them they are seeking Help from Higher Police authorities.


























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LanThis Aone Travels Don't have Recruiting Licence to do Manpower Recruiting They are cheating Public,Every year they comes in new names. Beware of this type Frauds !!!!


Name:-Mr. Daleep Chandra


Local Rowdy Suresh in their office after attack